TCRD and Cling jointly launched the T-Leap GPS sports watch specifically for consumers in Taiwan.

The lightweight body is equipped with GPS and uses the latest separate optical PPG heart rate sensor from Taiwan's largest sensor manufacturer-Pxi Art's.
T-Leap is comparable to the accuracy of heart rate belt detection. In addition to outdoor running and cycling, it also provides up to 6 common indoor sports modes, which can accurately measure heart rate and calorie consumption. Use Bluetooth to easily connect to your mobile phone to transmit data, and you can check your sports data.

In outdoor sports mode, T-Leap not only provides GPS to measure the running path, but also has multiple functions such as stride span and stride frequency, etc., to provide the best data for your training.

You may create a fitness challenge group on the app to help motivate yourself aswell as your famliy and friends toward achieving your respective health and fitness goals.

  • Built-in 3 GPS positioning systems
  • JDI reflective color screen, Corning glass
  • High-performance PPG optical sensor
  • Broadcast heart rate from T-Leap to app
  • Simple and comprehensive sports app
  • Family health, group competition
  • Up to 20 Days of battery life
  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof