Thanks to the "Department of Sports and Competitiveness, National Chung Cheng University" for assisting in the overall evaluation of the TCRD GPS smart sports watch, which was published on the Sports Physiology website Sport Science → Exercise Physiology Weekly (Issue 379).

The heart rate and GPS have a certain degree of accuracy, so remember to locate it before going on the road. Running in the playground, you can match the running lap data to get the correct exercise data. After having exercise data, you can use the online program of the exercise physiology website to carry out the scientific application of running training.

Marathon performance prediction, running potential prediction, smart design of running training prescriptions, evaluation of running training conditions based on running data-Sprint Distance Index (SDI), critical speed measurement, critical heart rate measurement, and Running marathon pace recommendations, etc. With the exercise record data of the wearable device, scientific running training is easier to carry out.