Do your best to prevent the epidemic
Due to covid 19 pandemic in 2020, TCRD develop Temperature Smartband and IoT Gateway. The system is our advanced IoT platform for monitoring your temperature data.

The best new choice for Wearable Devices
TCRD is committed to the research and development of wearable devices. According to the data of each user's height, weight, gender, age, etc., it provides "Smart Somatosensory Bracelet" after collecting wrist temperature information, and using exclusive AI big data to analyze the precision algorithms to be effective Converted to body temperature information.

In addition to the general smart bracelet functions, the "smart somatosensory bracelet" also uses the world's smallest CMOS digital-analog hybrid zero static power temperature sensor chip, and its high-precision temperature probe has a minimum resolution of plus or minus 0.1 degrees error. And through the built-in "body temperature warning setting function" to reach 24H warning reminder.

Through the "IoT Gateway system", personal temperature and other information are automatically synchronized with the background system. When the system detects that the body temperature is too high, the administrator or prevention and control personnel will receive warning reminders, real-time location, etc. Information, and make further confirmation and continuous tracking in real time.

Don't underestimate the importance of body temperature
Human body temperature is the driving force of blood flow and affects our body's health. Body temperature not only affects the body's metabolism, but is also closely related to immunity and autonomic nerves.
When the body maintains a high level within the normal body temperature range, it can activate internal organs, improve immunity and basal metabolic rate. Therefore, maintaining a reasonable body temperature is vital to human health.

Let the smart technology come into our life
Can be widely used in "schools", "communities", "companies" and "hospitals" and other areas

Hospitals: The front-line medical staff are burdened with heavy burdens. They must wear protective clothing and fully armed when entering and exiting the ward. The process is time-consuming and resource-intensive and the risk of infection of medical staff is high. The combination of "smart somatosensory bracelet" and "IoT Gateway system" will effectively solve the shortage of medical manpower, avoid the risk of cluster infection, and obtain body temperature information with zero contact and improve the efficiency of medical care.
Company: Add "IoT Gateway System" at the main entrances and exits to automatically detect and display body temperature information in real time on the screen when personnel enter and exit, and to obtain real-time body temperature information of employees within 24 hours of the office to provide control personnel Fast and efficient identification.

The features of Smart Somatosensory Bracelet
  • Professional-grade body temperature sensor plus or minus 0.1 degree error.
  • Hyperthermia warning, step count calorie reminder.
  • Added medication reminder function.
  • 24hr real-time monitoring.